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Semi Permanent Eyebrows

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WILL IT HURT? Many people do not mind the sensation at all and compare it often to tweezing . The only uncomfortable part is the first 3 minutes - after that you are numbed .
WILL THEY BE REALLY THICK AND BOLD? NO !!! First of all the shape will be drawn on and you will be shown, if you want to change anything you can ofcourse. Next the colour is discussed to best suit you. When we do brows we try to make them as natural as possible.
WILL THEY SCAB? Most of our clients find they get very little if any scabbing at all and if you do get any it will look a little more like a flakiness .
WHY DO I NEED TO COME BACK FOR A TOP UP? A top up is required 4 to 12 weeks after the initial treatment as it is totally normal to expect some patchiness and fading. Some people may need more than one top up depending on skin type.
HOW LOND GO THEY LAST? This depends a lot on your own lifestyle and skin type . Most people will like a colour refresh once a year however there will be a certain amount of pigment left in the skin for a few years.
HOW OLD DO I HAVE TO BE? Over 18 im afraid - it is the law the same as a tattoo.
CAN I GET THEM DONE WHILE PREGNANT? No, you pretty much aren't allowed to do anything cosmetic while you are pregnant.

For more information and pictures please head to our semi permanent make up artists pages linked below.


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