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Children under 10 are not permitted within the salon due to licence/insurance purposes.


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This is for the option to have a patch test for semi permanent brows sent to you if you are unable to make it to the salon in person.
We used to offer this free of charge but sadly due to the number of people misplacing them and accidently throwing away etc we have had to start charging to cover the cost of the postage and the padded envelopes they must be send in due to the contents. This must be ordered at least 2 weeks before your appointment date and you must message us to inform us you are ordering one rather than coming in* .
Please include your name, address to send too and appointment date and time in custom text field.
Please note if you require more than one patch test (more than one person atending appointments) please state in the custom field too as the cost it to cover postage and padded envelopes etc and we can include more than one in the same envelope.
Please note if the patch test does not arrive it is your responsibility to inform us of this in a reasonable amount of time that allows for us to send a replacement that can arrive in time to be performed for your appointment.
*Please note if you fail to inform us that you have ordered the patch test or if it’s within 2 weeks before your appointment date we can accept no responsibility for the patch test arriving to you in time .

Patch Test for Semi Permanent Brows to be Sent